Kim Kardashian’s still “dead.” So is Alicia Keys — and all the other more than dozen celebrities who have been prohibited from Tweeting and Facebooking as part of their Digital Death $1 million World AIDS Day fundraising campaign.

Lady Gaga, Swizz Beatz, Justin Timberlake, Khloe Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Hudson, the cast of MTV’s The Buried Life are among the many stars who did” digitally to raise awareness for World Aids Day last Wednesday. Since Dec. 1, some of Hollywood’s biggest names have left Twitter and Facebook followers in the dark for Keys’ Keep a Child Alive’s Digital Death campaign, for which they promised to end their digital life until $1 million was raised to help those afflicted by the disease in Africa and India.

Yeah…that isn’t going so well.

As of Friday evening, just $200,674 had been raised to aid the fight against HIV/AIDS, that’s roughly $66,891 for each of the three days since the campaign started.

If donations continue at this rate, it’ll be another 11 days before The Kardashians are back online Tweeting their hearts out about Bebe, Sephoria, and all the other big name brands that have hired them to hawk products!

To Make a Donation to the Campaign, Or See How the Celebs Are Doing in Reaching Their Goal, Visit…

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