Look out, Garden State Housewives: The claws are out and the socialite ladies of Beverly Hills are vying for the title of the “Cattiest Gals on Bravo.”

British restauranteur Lisa Vanderpump has emerged as the reigning diva behind-the-scenes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just a few weeks after the show joined Bravo’s ratings-winning docu-soap franchise, and insiders believe Lisa’s out-of-control ego may leave one of her co-stars out of a job.

Lisa recently fired her longtime trainer after the fitness nut became too comfortable in the reality star spotlight and is now gunning to have former child star Kim Richards — the aunt of socialites Paris and Nicky Hilton — ejected from the series as well, The National Enquirer reported in its Nov. 29 issue.

“Fame has completely gone to her head. She truly believes she is better than everyone else,” according to a well-placed tipster close to production.

Vanderpump has owned 26 restaurants, bars, and clubs during her 28 year marriage to entrepreneur Ken Todd — including LA hotspots Villa Blanca and SUR. Kim, on the other hand, is a rumored alcoholic, who will be forced into rehab by her sister Kylie in upcoming episodes of the Beverly Hills Housewives. Richards’ battle with the bottle is an image Lisa doesn’t want anywhere near her businesses…or her show.

“Not only does Lisa think that Kim is a sad lush, she also feels that Kim isn’t technically a housewife — since she isn’t married,” maintains the insider. “Lisa has demanded that execs fire Kim before next season.”

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