Superman Makeover 500x337 “Superman” Makeover

First Wonder Woman got a 21st century makeover, now it’s time for another DC Comics superhero to get the Maury Makeover treatment. The look that has been Clark Kent’s calling card for the past 72 years is about to get an update. Superman Makeover 150x150 “Superman” Makeover Superman Earth One Comic Book Cover 150x150 “Superman” Makeover

Superman is re-imagined as a 20-year-old crimefighter in Superman: Earth One, a new graphic novel penned by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Babylon 5 writer J. Michael Straczynski and set for release later this week. Half-True Blood with a dash of R-Pattz, the new Clark sports the same black hair and muscled physique that made Lois swoon, but he seems to be much broodier that the clean cut Superman of ages past.

The book is not meant to replace the Superman of old, but is merely a retelling of the younger years of Smallville’s hometown hero, aimed at the teenage comic book fan, says DC Comics’ co-publisher Dan DiDio.

“We wanted to tell a story that’s hip, sexy and moody. We wanted to show a younger Superman at the early stages of his career, struggling with his identity and his place. He realizes he doesn’t belong anywhere and doesn’t fit in.”

Superman: Earth One, a $19.95 hardcover, arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, Oct. 29 and in book stores Nov. 2.


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