The Karate Kid Wins Weekend Box Office 499x333 “The Karate Kid” Sequel Gets Greelight
Have you checked out the new Karate Kid?

It took all of five minutes, but The Karate Kid is already chopping its way back to the box office.

A sequel to The Karate Kid remake is in the works, Deadline said Wednesday. According to Hollywood informants, Sony Pictures is on the hunt for writers to pen a follow-up to the family-friendly film — which features Jaden Smith as a bullied American boy in Beijing and the kung fu master who teaches him discipline and the skills to believe in himself. The movie is a modern-day reworking of 1984’s The Karate Kid, which became a cult classic and launched the career of a then unknown Ralph Macchio.

The studio has been lassoed into the idea of a Karate Kid sequel after seeing the revamp — which cost $40 million to produce — pull in an impressive $56 million at the North American weekend box office, trumping The A-Team spinoff, which took in just $27 million.

It’s stil unclear whether Smith, Chan, or director Harald Zwart will be back for the second installment. The Karate Kid sequel could be just the beginning of a full-fledged reboot of the original series, which produced three sequels — including one featuring future Oscar winner Hillary Swank.

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