Sorry Real Houseflies Fans, you’ll have to wait until the Spring of 2011 for your weekly dose of Countess LuAnn and the Crew on the fourth season of The Real Housewives of New York City.

Instead of rolling out the red carpet for a new season of The Big Apple edition of Bravo’s popular docu-soap franchise on Feb. 15 as originally planned, on Thursday, the network revealed that the newest installment in the popular franchise will be The Real Housewives of Miami — debuting Feb. 22. And tattling tipsters tell The New York Post that there’s good reason for the change.

The Girls of NYC have lost their moxie.

With Bethenny Frankel gone and the rest of the ladies actually behaving like adults — Gasp – there simply wasn’t enough drama during the show’s fourth season to satisfy series producers and Bravo boss Andy Cohen.

“They wanted the ladies to fight like cats and dogs, but they got along,” said a source. “[But] they are now freaking out that they’ll get fired for being boring and replaced by more fiery women.”

In a bid to up the ante on tomfoolery, some close to the show are suggesting casting Beverly Hills Housewife Camille Grammer to add an element of suspence, PageSix claims.

As it stands, The Real Housewives of New York City will return to the tube in late March or early April.

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