Have you checked out the trailer for Welcome To The Rileys, starring Kristen Stewart and James Gandolfini?

A dark drama, the powerful piece follows a grief-stricken man who takes a business trip to New Orleans and seeks salvation by caring for a wayward young woman.

The Twilight star will be seen walking around naked in a number scenes in Gandolfini’s new directorial effort. Nonetheless, Kristen — who appeared as Joan Jett in the box office flick The Runaways earlier this year — is delighted to have had the chance work with the Sopranos star and considers her role as a prostitute and exotic dancer to be the most challenging of her career

“It’s an independent movie that nobody would normally see and now it’s like, ‘Oh, let’s go see Bella (Twilight character) in this stripper movie; it’ll be crazy!’” the starlet remarked in an interview last year.
“Working with James Gandolfini and (co-star) Melissa Leo, who is just incredible, was the most fruitful life-changing experience on a movie that I’ve ever had,” she says. “It was just the hardest subject matter I’ve ever had to deal with – I play a very broken young girl who is a runaway. She’s a street kid. She’s working in a strip club and James Gandolfini’s character is just as dead inside as she is – and they wake each other up.”

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