★ Mass Effect 3 – Reapers and Citadel Details – News! (01/22/2012) – ft. Yong – WAY➚

See the *full* show! ★ Mass-Effect-3-show.tgn.tv ★ WAY ➚ ★ Mass Effect 3 – News! (01 Reapers and Citadel Details – ft. Yong – WAY➚ What is WAY? – See way.tgn.tv Join the conversation at *coming soon* Mass Effect 3 is the third game in Bioware’s sci-fi epic. Players will once again assume the role of Commander Shepard, but this time the stakes are much higher than ever before. The Reapers are back, more vicious than ever before, attacking humanity’s home, Earth. It is up to the player to assume the role of Commander Shepard and save the Earth and the entire universe from the Reapers before complete annihilation. As Commander Shepard, players must unify all lifeforms in the universe and create an army to fight against their fearsome enemy. Players will also further develop their relationships with all their former crew mates. Whether Shepard succeeds in his mission or not, that is up to you. Welcome to another Mass Effect 3 News Update! German magazine Gamestar gives some new details in regards to the Reapers and the Citadel. Make sure to comment, rate, and SUBSCCRIBE! DIRECTOR’S CHANNEL (yongaiming) http PARTNERS www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com PARTNER WEBSITES www.slashfacepalm.com ruinnation.com Tell us what you think in the comments below. Click “Like” and “Add to… Favorites” if you like this video! =-=-=-= ★ TGN Social tgn.tv ★ What is TGN? http ★ TGN Times news.tgn.tv ★ TGN on Facebook http ★ TGN on Twitter twitter.com ★ We Are YouTube
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