One, Two, Freddy’s comin’ for you — in 3D!

Warner Bros./New Line Cinema has hit the greenlight on a 3D follow-up to the new hit slasher flick A Nightmare on Elm Street, a revival of Wes Craven’s 1984 original — which starred Robert Englund as sadistic child killer Freddy Krueger.

I must have missed something, because I don’t exactly remember the Eighties being the Golden Age of Entertainment. Nonetheless, in lieu of coming up with some original ideas, Hollywood has decided to revisit a number of mostly underwhelming offerings from the decade of Madonna, big hair, and bad fashion as a source of cinematic inspiration. Case & Point: Despite earning a hearty chorus of boos from critics, the updated Nightmare (which features Kellan Lutz and Jackie Earle Haley) screamed up $33 million at the box office last weekend — and Hollywood can’t wait to get to work captalizing on that success.

“We don’t have a story yet, but this is the largest horror opening in the April-May corridor, and it just proves there’s a lot left in the franchise,” says Warner distribution president Dan Fellman.

There’s likely a lively future ahead for the newly revived Elm Street, the original film spawned seven sequels between 1984-1994.

Has anyone seen the new Nightmare yet?

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