If we have a quick glance at the Awards presented this year, one can figure it out, and it’s the gals who have made it to the Academy of Country Music Awards leaving past the men in the competition.

The MGM Grand held at the Las Vegas on night of Sunday had led Carrie Underwood took the crown of the entertainer of the year awards twice making her the first woman to achieve the two.

To follow in the league is the 20-year-old sensational Taylor Swift, whom the fans had voted which made her the biggest star in the world of pop music due to her unbeatable talent of music. She spread the country music in the huge mainstream fan followers and has brought a new life to it.

Reba McEntire, host of ACM hosting for the 12th time explains that it is the popularity of the person on web and stuff who will make it to the awards.

May be Underwood may not have a lot of probability for getting a repeat but considers herself to be lucky to receive the opportunity. One thing is quite crystal clear if it’s the fans that will participate in the award ceremony, then both the ladies have an advantage.

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