A couple of weeks after Sandra Bullock and Jesse James separated the latter had his first ever television interview since the controversy started. The star of Monster Garage said that he ruined something that is beautiful.

Jesse James said that he had a very amazing life and a very wonderful marriage. Unfortunately, he threw all that away. By the way he said it, there is no doubt that he have regrets regarding his and Sandra Bullock’s separation. The interview will be aired on Tuesday, May 25 at the Nightline on ABC.

During the interview, Jesse James also admitted that when he and Bullock were still together, he became very unfaithful. When the world knew that he cheated, he became one of the most hated men in the universe. With so much emotions overwhelming Jesse James, the 41-year old actor frequently asked for breaks.

Shortly after Sandra Bullock got an award for her role in The Blind Side, Jesse James mistress told the press that she had an affair with Bullock’s husband. Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, the tattoo-filled lady eventually said that the affair was just a result of her boredom.

April came and Sandra Bullock filed the papers requesting the she and Jesse James should be divorced.

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