Afternoon Filler: ‘Jaws’ as a Disney Movie, Cello Wars, and Zombie

Ah, the fake trailer. It’s a tradition as old as the Internet. Okay, maybe not that old, but it’s been around long enough to rise and fall in popularity a number of times. The below video probably isn’t going to herald its return, but “Jaws as a Disney Movie” will probably put the same kind of smile on your face as “The Shining as a Family Movie” did back in the day.

Next up in the Afternoon Filler that’s probably best watched with headphones on if you’re at work. Not because it’s unsafe for the workplace, far from it, but because your co-workers will flock to your desk wondering why the Star Wars-themed cello music coming out of your speakers sounds do awesome.

And, finally, a weird little short film about a Zombie Whisperer. Yes, a Zombie Whisperer:

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