Alexander Skarsgard, the star of “True Blood” is going to play in a bright action film. It was reported by the Hollywood Reporter that the well-known board game “Battleship” played practically by everyone in the past will become basis for the film with the same title.

Peter Berg will be the film’s director. According to some rumors which are currently being spread on the Internet the script will include an alien invasion and naval warfare against them.

It has become known that Taylor Kitsch, known for his role of Tim Riggins on the TV show “Friday Night Lights,” will become Alexander’s brother in this new film. They will both be officers but with absolutely different tempers and characters.

Before participating in “Battleship,” Alexander Skarsgard plans to film “Melancholia” by Lars von Trier. At the same time Taylor Kitsch has been participating primarily in “Friday Night Lights”. Besides this show he played only one big role in his life when he appeared on screens in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine as Gambit.

During their careers both actors have been perceived as sex symbols, so the forthcoming new film “Battleship” will be of great interest to the audience.

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