Recently Amanda Seyfried has admitted openly that she was unhappy with her boyfriend Dominic Cooper. They are at the verge of a break up and the gossips that the two have ended their relationship holds true. The break up is not been assumed to last long, but decides to take a break in their relationship.

They acted together in the movie Mamma Mia and had been great friends for the past three years. This makes the friends of both stars firmly believe that they might be reunited again. Amanda who is now busy with the promotion of her latest movie ‘Letters to Juliet’ has given clear indication of the breakup.

Meantime another gossip has been in the air of Hollywood whether Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are in love. They appeared for the Cannes Film Premiere and walked together in the red carpet hand in hand. The co-stars in the movie ‘Blue Valentine’ has given some doubt to the celebrity spotters about their affair. The affection for each other and the body language clearly implies that they are real life couple too. Friends of the couple commented that Ryan is cozy with everyone but the producer of the film says that they are in love.

Love is in the air….wait for more fascinating details.

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