Amber, you in trouble, gurl….

Teen Mom Amber Portwood, now 20, is reportedly expecting her second child as an investigation into her televised assault on portly boyfriend Gary Shirley threaten to land the reality star behind bars.

In 2009, Amber attacked her then fiance Gary in front of their daughter Leah in an episode of Teen Mom that aired on MTV last month. Amber violently berated Gary as she riddled him with punches. He tried only to shield himself. On Wednesday, The TODAY Show looked into Portwood’s domestic violence investigation. Though Gary refused to file any charges, the Anderson Police Department is looking the matter. In Indiana, domestic violence in front of a child under the age of 14 can be a felony. Child Protective Services are also looking into the incident.

“After seeing the latest fight, investigators went to Amber’s home and found evidence they say warrants their attention, though officials won’t say what that evidence is,TODAY reported.

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Whatever happens to Amber on the legal front, the brunette’s good name is now worth about as much as dirt in her hometown of Anderson. A local store that was once featured on the show has banned Teen Mom’s cameras from shooting on its premises. Local paper Herald-Bulleting even published a scathing editorial about Amber’s embarrassing behavior.

“Reality shows prey on featuring people who appear to be undereducated, narcissistic and full of anger. That’s the image Americans are getting of Anderson; we know better than that. But for some reason, we can’t convince our own neighbors and friends to avoid portraying this community as a bunch of jobless buffoons,” the article reads.


In related news, Amber and Gary learned of her new pregnancy while they were in Tennessee on vacation, Gary’s best friend Jordan Sanchez yaps to Life & Style Weekly. Ironically, the child Amber’s carrying may not be Gary’s, if the tabloid scoop is to be believed.

“Yes, I’ve heard that Amber is pregnant. Amber has been with at least one other guy while she’s still with Gary. She likes to explore,” Jordan says. “Amber does manipulate Gary. Pretending to be pregnant could just be another example of her trying to manipulate him and keep people interested in the show.”

Gary and Amber are currently in couples’ counseling.

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