Straight-as-an-Arrow media personality Anderson Cooper has found a new drinking buddy in the most unlikeliest of places: Lady Gaga.

His 60 Minutes interview with outre sensation won’t air until the night of the 2011 Grammy Awards next February, but Anderson’s already dropping nuggets about what he calls one of his most memorable sit-downs ever. Cooper hung out with the Grammy-winning provacateur in England last month, but when it came to relaxing ahead of their taped chat session, Gaga had some interesting ways of unwinding.

“We actually ended up that day in a pub in London drinking Jameson, which I don’t really drink,” the longtime host of CNN’s Anderson 360 told The Insider Friday. “So, she got me to drink, like, two of them. And by the end, I was ready to have the interview be over, because I really sort of couldn’t ask anymore questions.”

“She’s obviously a fascinating person,” he added. “What’s great about ’60 Minutes’ is you spend a lot of time with the person you’re profiling. So to be able to spend a couple weekends with [Gaga] in various places over the course of several months, it’s really cool. And it’s really interesting….I’m learning stuff about her I never saw before.”

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