Angelina Jolie, despite her star role of a double-agent in the recent film Salt, can be undoubtedly called single-minded when the topic concerns the relations with her husband Brad Pitt.

The star mom of six kids shares with Parade magazine that though the children appear to be a strong unifying force in their marriage, they are not enough to hold the relationship. It is extremely important in her view to spend really exciting time with each other and be genuinely interested in your partner.

Jolie says that they love to be together and enjoy this time and atmosphere. According to her, Brad and she simply need each other and are always able to find necessary time. They always talk about it and, in such a way, stay connected.

The actress is sure that if they as parents are happy and strong, then their children will see all the time that their parents are happy and it is/will be the best thing that their kids can receive from their parents.

Angelina adds that Brad knows and loves every part of her, as well as their kids. They know and accept all her oddities and flaws. That is why she feels so complete.

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