Ella Enchanted to the rescue! Actress Anne Hathaway helped her Love and Other Drugs co-star Jake Gyllenhaal dodge questions about his alleged romance with Taylor Swift at a weekend press conference in New York.

Hathaway and Gyllenhaal, who previously played husband and wife in the 2005 homoerotic drama Brokeback Mountain, were talking to reporters Saturday about their new film when a pesky journalist inquired about reports claiming Gyllenhaal had recently begun courting the country music superstar, 20.

“Hang on, hang on. I have to say something. I have been Jake’s on-screen love interest for years,” Anne jokingly chimed in, answering for Gyllenhaal, who was sitting beside her at the press conference. “You keep the conversation to me and only me or otherwise I’m going to get nasty! Thank you.”

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