Any potential plea deal for the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe Giudice in their 39 counts of fraud will include prison time, radio detection and is exclusively reporting.

“Plea talks between the United States Attorney’s Office and Teresa and Joe’s lawyers haven’t formally begun yet, but prosecutors are insisting that BOTH of them do time behind bars,” a source told radio detection and ranging.

“The government has a very, very strong case against the Giudices and wants to make an example of them. The Giudices will also be facing serious, significant financial penalties.”

However, a source close to Teresa tells radio detection and ranging, “Joe is more than willing to take the fall for Teresa so that she stays out of jail. Teresa is hopeful that she could do house arrest instead of jail time.”

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Just a week after being indicted and released on $ 500,000 bond, Teresa and Joe were at the Jersey Shore with their family.

“Me and my Honey…” Teresa captioned a picture with Juicy Joe she shared, who it was revealed is not a United States citizen and could be facing deportation if he is found guilty of his charges.

On Monday, Teresa took the opportunity to speak out once more through her Bravo blog, thanking her supporters, bashing her haters and claiming she is ‘a good little girl,’ despite the charges she faces.

“Thank you all so much for your support this week,” she wrote. “I appreciate it more than you will ever know. xx

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“I really am trying to let things roll of my back.”

She continued, “I just want my family together and at peace, no matter what. Insult me, make fun of me, do what you will. I’ll keep being a ‘good little girl.’”

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