A new chapter in history of software technology was created on Wednesday as Apple beat Microsoft and toppled it to get the number one position in the industry on Wall Street. . It is now very much clear that computer on your desk is no more the most important and crucial technological product. Rather, it is the product in your hands in the form of iPods that is now looked as modern technological product of the field.

On Wednesday, Apple, which makes iPods, iPhones and iPads, surpassed computer software giant Microsoft and became the most valuable technological company in the world.

This success of Apple is stunning after the company was virtually ruled out of the software technology business a decade earlier. Rapid rise of the Apple and investors’ confidence has proved that consumer interest is changing towards hand held products of the computer technology.

So far Microsoft had dominated the industry with its Windows and Office software franchises. But now finger swipe of the screen has taken place of click-clack of the keyboards.

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