Arnold SchwarzeneggerIt’s been quite the week for celebrity versions of Reddit’s popular Ask Me Anything features – first we got to hear from Bill Murray, and now Arnold Schwarzenegger stops by (for a second time) to reveal all sorts of interesting things about himself while promoting his new fundraising campaign for the After School All-Stars organization – a group that helps kids from low-income families through mentoring, tutoring, and activities.

While answering a plethora of questions about his career (The Governator reveals two near death experiences he had on sets) and his softer side (who knew Arnold hand painted his own Christmas cards?), Schwarzenegger revealed a contest to help inspire people to donate to the organization that he started way back in 1992. Any donor who offers up $ 10 through will be entered for a chance to hang out with Schwarzenegger, which includes riding around crushing things in his personal tank. Schwarzenegger will match every dollar donated by the public, too.

As part of the effort to get folks interested, Schwarzenegger unveiled a funny new prank video. In it, he basically dons a bad wig and mustache (which kinda makes him look like Danny Trejo…) and then wanders around Gold’s Gym doling out fitness advice. It’s hard to imagine anyone being fooled by the get-up, but it once again reinforces the fact that Schwarzenegger does have a funny side.

Check out the video below, then swing by Reddit, where you can see all of Schwarzenegger’s responses to questions posed by the Internet.

[via Huffington Post]


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