Resident in Ashley Greene’s North Hollywood enclave are thisclose to hauling the Twilight hottie into court over her yet-to-be housebroken toy fox terrier, Marlow. When the pooch isn’t terrorizing the hood with incessant barking, he’s leaving messes all over the building– to the chagrin of Ashley’s long-suffering assistant.

“The other tenants are at their wits’ end with Ashley and her dog,” a building spy divulged on the pages of the July 5 issue of The National Enquirer. “If she wants to keep her apartment and her assistant, she needs to cool her haughty, irresponsible ways — and take control of her dog.”

Ashley’s building is comprised mainly of people in the “entertainment industry,” who frequently complain to building managers about the yapping and foul odor of dog urine wafting from the 23-year-old’s bachelorette pad.

“It’s left to the assistant to hire a carpet-cleaning crew every two weeks and to make sure the cleaning lady makes some order out of the home. That poor woman [the assistant] has been left to clean the carpet in Ashley’s North Hollywood apartment so many times that she breaks down in tears.”

Ashley — who’s busy promoting her reprisal role as bloodsucker Alice Cullen in the summer blockbuster The Twilight Saga: Eclipse — isn’t making much of a stink over the canine castastrophe.

“Ashley walks around with her nose in the air and won’t even say as much as hello.”

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