Ashley Greene is Big Apple-bound.

In an interview with the July issue of monthly fashion glossy ASOS Magazine, the gorgeous Twilight hottie reveals that she is looking for an apartment in New York City.

Ashley is reportedly in the middle of a feud with neighbors in her North Hollywood apartment building over her unruly fox terrier, but the actress cites the evasive glare of the paparazzi for driving her out of Los Angeles. Ashley and her Twilight co-stars are constantly hounded by snapping photographers and she hopes to avoid the attention by moving to NYC, where strict laws prohibit paps from aggressively pursuing celebs for photos.

“I can’t even imagine what Rob [Pattinson’s] life is like, but the other day I had eight paparazzi following me,” the Avon Mark spokesmodel explained. “For what? To watch me eat ice cream? It’s just silly. You can say it’s what everyone wants, for people to know who you are. But there’s always a line… When you can’t function in your everyday life and you can’t walk around without something being started, it’s unnecessary and it takes away from what we’re here to do,” Ashley added.

“That’s why I’m looking for an apartment in New York. There is so much going on here – there’s the music scene and Wall Street and I really don’t think everything would drop just because I walked into a room. It’s nice.”

Despite her lack of privacy, Greene says she’s grateful for her breakout role as Alice Cullen in the smash blockbuster franchise.

“There are times in the day where I have to sit back and breathe and remind myself, like when I’m sitting in my car surrounded by paparazzi. But at the end of the day, I will say that I would rather have this life than not,” Greene explained.

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