We know who wears the pants in one of music’s most buzzworthy romances.

Avril Lavigne’s busy putting the finishing touches on her long-awaited fourth studio album, Goodbye Lullaby, but luckily she’s got a trusty assistant to help her tie up life’s little loose ends as she hits the promo track.

Her boyfriend, former MTV reality personality Brody Jenner.

After less than a year of dating, Brody’s already mastered the only phrase that’s certain to keep him in Lavigne’s good graces: “Yes, dear…” Avril, 26, has the one-time Hiller wrapped around her well-manicured finger, informant types divulge in the Dec. 20 edition of Star Magazine.

“She treats him more like an assistant than her partner sometimes. He runs errands for her, like picking up her dry cleaning, and she has him do chores at home.”

Though Brody’s famous stepsisters — The Kardashians — have pegged the punk pop princess as a “major diva,” Jenner will “do anything to make her happy.” She’s even inspired the former cad to hang up his Player’s Card, friends say, noting that the tables have definitely turned in Brody’s romance with Avril.

“He’d flirt with lots of women, get girlfriends to cater to him. But he’s more than met his match in Avril.”

Who’s in the mood for a little T-Pain? “I’m Sprung” seems fitting:

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