The end is near for the “Twilight” franchise. But no matter what you think about the blockbuster series, you can at least agree that the last several months have been rather awkward for Twi-hards. For those out of the loop: “Twilight” lead Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on her “Twilight” co-star/real-life boyfriend Robert Pattinson back in July. Thankfully, it appears the two have kissed and made up just in time to promote their new movie. But that didn’t stop the weeks of bizarre posturing from both actors, attempting to avoid questions about their personal lives.

Nevertheless, the awkwardness off screen for the two young stars have at least given us a good reminder of the long history of awkwardness on screen. From bad family dinners to being lost in translation, movies have provided plenty of bizarre moments over the years (some on purpose, some not so much).

So! In case Twi-hards are still having a hard time keeping their mind off the affair, here’s a perfect distraction: A look back at some of the most awkward moments in movie history.


  • ‘Meet The Parents’

    Meeting your long-time girlfriend’s parents for the first time is tough enough. But imagine if one of them was an ex-CIA analyst. Unfortunately, Ben Stiller’s character in “Meet the Parents” found out the hard way, as he was subjected to a very uncomfortable late-night polygraph session.

  • ‘When Harry Met Sally’

    The awkward scene to end all awkward scenes! (Though, it’s probably more funny than awkward.) Here, Meg Ryan showcases the uh … acting abilities of females everywhere, while inside a crowded delicatessen.

  • ‘Grown Ups’

    Adults: Please don’t pee in the pool, especially while your kids are watching.

  • ‘Lost in Translation’

    This movie’s title was about as literal as it could get in this scene, when Bill Murray’s Bob Harris reluctantly agrees to go on a Japanese game show. Awkwardness ensues in 3…2…1…

  • ‘Rushmore’

    This isn’t just a student admitting a crush on his teacher. No, what Jason Schwartzman’s Max Fisher does during this dinner scene in “Rushmore” is <em>way</em> more inappropriate.

  • ‘The Nutty Professor’

    Speaking of awkward dinner scenes, this one from the “Nutty Professor” reboot is one of the best (worst?), as pour Sherman and his date are subjected to his grandmother telling sex jokes and his dad’s … flatulence.

  • ‘The Graduate’

    No, you shouldn’t sleep with the mom of a girl your dating. Unfortunately, Dustin Hoffman’s Benjamin did, and it all started with this scene — the first of many awkward exchanges.

  • ‘Along Came Polly’

    Another Ben Stiller awkward scene, as his boss, played by Alec Baldwin, commits some rather unsavory bathroom faux pas. Folks, please wash your hands!

  • ‘Weekend At Bernies’

    Would you turn down an invite to your boss’s swanky beachside mansion for a night of debauchery? Well, yes, especially if your boss was going to kick the bucket in the middle of the night. (Even more awkward would be pretending that he was alive for the entire movie <em>and</em> a sequel).

  • ‘Fast Times At Ridgemont High’

    We can’t include a clip of this infamous scene because, well, it’s about as R-rated as it gets. Suffice it to say, everyone knows the “Fast Times” moment we’re referring to, when Judge Reinhold’s character gets walked in on while um, pleasuring himself.