The reality TV stars couple Jake Pavelka and his ex-Hooters fiancée Vienna Giradrdi have decided to go separate ways now. According to the reports a representative of the couple told the media yesterday that they are parting ways. They have pleaded for privacy.

But the representative gave no reason for the split. However, Pavelka told a website that sometimes loves is not sufficient for a relationship to grow and prosper. She said that she is saddened by whole thing but at time love is not enough.

She has denied the rumors that she was cheating in the relationship. Reports said that she was meeting Greek star Gregory Michael. She is completely annoyed by such accusation and said that these are hundred percent false. According to the reports she has left behind the 3- carat Neil Lane diamond engagement ring that is worth $50,000 and it must be returned to the production company show. But some watchers of the couples say that Jake never loved her and he picked her for she is a dramatic person and was preferred for rating.

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