Bam Margera’s First Interview After Tragedy:

Jackass star Bam Margera broke down in tears as he visited the site where his best friend and co-star, Ryan Dunn, died in a fiery car crash in suburban Philadelphia Monday morning.

“I’ve never lost anybody that I care about; he’s my best friend,” the devastated daredevil cried as the cameras of My FOX Philly 29 followed at a close distance. “I was in Arizona with some friends having the best time with friends,” when he heard the news of Dunn’s death. He was the happiest person, the smartest guy with so much talent,” he continued.

“He had so many things going for him. … It is not right. … It was the worst phone call I ever got in my life.”

Dunn, 34, and passenger Zachary Hartwell, a 30-year-old former Navy Seal, died early on Monday, shortly after leaving a pub in West Chester where Dunn had tweeted a photo of the pair and a third man drinking just hours before the crash. The photo has since been taken down. On Tuesday, the Chester County Coroner listed blunt force trauma and thermal trauma as the official causes of death for both men. Toxicology results will take four to six weeks to complete, coroner’s office spokeswoman Patty Emmons said.

Officials with the West Goshen Township Police Department believe Dunn was driving at least 130 MPH when his Porsche 911 GT3 veered off the road, slammed through a guardrail, tumbled into a wooded ravine, hit a tree, and burst into flames. The thrill enthusiast had received at least 23 driving citations in the 13 years before his fatal car accident; 10 for speeding and careless driving and three for driving with a suspended license. Dunn was also the subject a 2005 DUI arrest. Charges were dropped when he completed a probationary program, but his license was suspended for over a year.


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