big-brother-15-week-2-nominations.jpgThe nominations are in for “Big Brother 15” Week 2. Read on if you want to find out who the Head of Household put up, or just sign up for the live feeds to follow along for yourself.

Aaryn is the Head of Household this week and has nominated Elissa and Helen for eviction. Not a huge surprise, Aaryn’s alliance is totally gunning for Elissa. Helen is the pawn because she’s a good competitor (less chance that Elissa wins Veto) and because she’s so well-liked in the house that no one will vote to evict her.

Honestly, best case scenario for those of us who enjoy conflict and drama is that Elissa is MVP and nominates Jeremy, then wins POV and takes herself off. Aaryn’s replacement nominee will probably be Candice and then either Candice or Jeremy will go home.

Either way, Helen and Elissa’s plan is to make sure the block is the two of them plus Jeremy, so they are assuming Elissa gets MVP again and puts him up. That’s definitely a smart play.

Stay tuned here all weekend for the MVP and POV results!

Photo/Video credit: CBS

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