Bill Clinton

Even tawdry tales of sex in The Oval Office and trout-pouted interns with alterior motives take on new life to the sound of music!

The Life & Time of William Jefferson Clinton is on its way to a theater near you — in opera form.

On Monday, strapping young men from all over the Great State of Arkansas showed up in Little Rock in droves to audition for Billy Blythe, “a coming of age story set in the late 1950’s in Hot Springs,” tipsters tell The opera is based on the early life of President Bill Clinton and set out to “explain how the natural state helped shape and mold the man…” Instead of recapturing some of the more noteworthy scandals of Clinton’s eight years in office, Billy Blythe — which yanks its title from Clinton’s birth name, William Jefferson Blythe III — focuses on “a pivotal moment in Billy Blythe’s coming of age because he has to stand up to his step-father, Roger Clinton, in a life-changing domestic conflict.”

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