Billy Joel was in love with a catwalkin’ “Uptown Girl” — just not the one we were thinking of!

A new book claims The Piano Man’s hit ’80s song “Uptown Girl” was about Australia supermodel Elle Macpherson, not blonde catwalker — and eventual Mrs. Joel –Christie Brinkley.

Brinkley, who starred in the music video and went on to marry the singer, was long believed to be the bombshell “girl living in a white bread world.” A new tome titled The Girl in the Song debunks the legend, however, arguing that it was Aussie beach babe Macpherson who Joel originally longed for.

In 1982, Joel was on vacation in the Caribbean when he met two models and a singer who were staying in the same hotel – Macpherson, Brinkley, and Whitney Houston — according to authors Michael Heatley and Frank Hopkinson. Joel instantly fell for Macpherson and the two began dating. During that same time, the “For the Longest Time” rocker penned a song he called “Uptown Girls,” inspired by Elle.

As 1982 became 1983, Billy and Elle drifted apart and split. The musician turned his affection to Brinkley, who became the sole focus of his song.

Joel and Brinkley married in 1985 and divorced nine years later.

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