Hannah Montana may have made his daughter Miley a household name, but Billy Ray Cyrus says the hit show cost him his happy family life. “The damn show destroyed my family,” the mulleted one told GQ Magazine in a piece for its March issue. Sure enough, his marriage to Miley’s mom Tish was over before the series had wrapped and the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer says if life came with a “Do-Over” Card, he’d think twice about giving Miley her first shot at fame.

News about about an effed-up celeb? Time to cue Dr. Drew!

Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of the upcoming HLN gabfest Dr. Drew, drops in to The Joy Behar Show (10 PM EST) Tuesday, where he shares his expert opinion on Cyrus’ claims that The Disney Channel — and not his lackadaisical parenting — that destroyed The Cyrus Clan.

“For a child growing up it’s very hard for them to have multiple functions if someone is trying to be a parent. In other words, you can’t be the parent and the friend. You can’t be the parent, the friend and the costar. That is very confusing. That creates boundry issues for the child. And there in lies the core of what Miley seems to be manifesting now,” Drew told Joy via satellite from Los Angeles. “He’s the sweetest and nicest man you could ever meet. But I don’t think he really understood how he had adlulterated his parenting function.”

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