Boogie Woogie, the oldest surviving dance show on TV is all set to get back with a blast where the team claims that they not at all feel in competition with existing reality shows.

Naved said, “While the other channels are doing it for the first time and may need to put in extra effort in promoting the shows, we don’t take it as competition.”

He added, “Our honesty and respect for all has been our key to success. We have never made the show look ugly by making it just a business. For us, it’s been our priority and passion to work the way our audience would like it.”

This new season of Boogie Woogie marks its 15th year and is scheduled to go on air on May 19. Naved, his brother Javed Jaffery and actor Ravi Behll are the charm of the show.

Javed said, “It makes me feel 15 years younger and gives me a boost to work even harder now. All through these years we have never felt short on zeal for the show. I started as a dancer myself and then shifted to movies, but my love and passion for dance can never fade, which keeps me on my toes to deliver enthusiastically.”

Talking about certain changes in the format of the show, Ravi said, “Other than new set, new participants and some additions in the variables in the format of the show, we are planning to make it bigger and glamorous. We have always tried to keep it as real as possible, but I do believe getting celebrities on show highlights the episode.”

So all set to say Booooo…….?????

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