Work is underway on a new wing at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s mansion in the South of France as the couple prepares to welcome the actor’s aging parents, Bill and Jane.

A loose-lipped Brangelina tattle tells The Sun: “The whole family is going to move there as soon as the renovations are done. At the moment they have six nannies – one for each of the kids – and the plan is to get rid of the helpers and rely on Bill and Jane.”

At the moment, Brad and Ange’s six kids routinely troop around the world with them as they move around for work, but according to the tablod report, all that’s about to change as the family plans to start putting down roots in Europe.

“The annexe they will live in is an old building which used to be used as a dovecote. It’s big enough to have a sitting room, kitchen and a couple of bedrooms. It will make a lovely little cottage for them,” the source told the paper.

Not many couple voluntarily allow their in-laws to live with them. Hell, Brad and Ange could afford to buy their parents an entire retirement village, so they must really genuinely like Ma and Pa Pitt.

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