Brendan Fraser who featured in the “Monkey Bone,” the “Bedazzled,” the “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and the latest in the list is the “Furry Vengeance, was asked to distinguish between all these for which he appealed for his mother. All his dramatic comedies are difficult to apart from each other.

With his exceptional performance and smile, this fellow has made a small and dorky industry. It’s his cheering, optimistic and poise outlook which makes the movie work.

His versatile act and the way he gets involved in the movie with his best shot onscreen are the few things only some artists can do. In his latest flick, the “Furry Vengeance”, Fraser plays the role of a sire named Dan Sanders who has landed to the Oregon woods from Chicago with his family.

At his stay there, he comes across a new suburban housing development for which he wishes to please Ken Jeong, his demanding boss. Brooke Shields plays the role of his wife and Matt Prokop plays the role of the duo’s mopey teenage son.

The wife and son of Sanders actually miss the city and consider Sander’s loyalty doubtful towards his boss. The movie in all is a mix of CGI and also the animals that are real and trained.

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