Life in a new city could include a new career for the nation’s most famous single mother.

Bristol Palin, perhaps best known as the 20-year-old daughter of former Alaska governor, has been offered a gig as the new radio personality at Clear Channel’s Mix 96.9 KMXP-FM — this despite the fact that such on-air gigs are typically reserved for — Wait for it — people who have actually completed college and obtained degrees in broadcasting.

Shocking, we know.

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant/abstinence educator purchased a five bedroom home in Maricopa, Arizona — which she paid for with $175,000 in cold-hard cash mind you — now the popular pop station in neighboring Phoenix is hoping the prospective journalism student will join Mix’s morning man Mathew Blades for the station’s AM drive.

Program director Ron Price promises that the gig will require just four hours of work each week and won’t be taxing for Bristol, who is expected to enroll at Arizona State University in the fall. Price also insists the gig is a legitimate job offer as opposed to just a ploy to gain publicity.

“It is an official offer to a very well known personality, who may be looking for a new career in what will most likely be her new home state,” Price says

In a letter presented to Palin and dated Jan. 3, the station boss writes: “Because of your appeal with the Mix audience, your upcoming move to the valley and your natural talent, I would like to offer you a salaried on-air position as a co-host on our morning show. It is my observation that you can turn your natural talent into a broadcast career.”

Blades adds: “I think that Bristol’s outlook on life is probably different from mine, and that contrast could be interesting to listen to.”

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