When Blondes Attack! On Monday, Britney Spears debuted a sneak peek of her new video, “I Wanna Go,” especially for Vevo fanatics. In the “Blink & You’ll Miss It” snippet, Brit is seen dancing on cars and attacking the paparazzi. It really takes us back to the days of vintage Britney. Remember the days when the pop tart was all about shaving heads and wielding umbrellas?

Ah — memories….

Showing off her toned abs in the 30-second preview, Britney knocks down some photogs with her microphone on the Los Angeles set that doubles for NYC.

“Lately I’ve been stuck imaginin’/ What I wanna do and what I really think, time to blow out/ Be a little inappropriate ’cause I know that everybody’s/ Thinkin’ it when the lights out/ Shame on me/ To need release/ Un-uncontrollably,” she sings.

Britney’s “I Wanna Go” promo debuts on Wednesday.


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