Broken City

The mayor of New York City hires a disgraced ex-cop to identify his wife’s lover, setting into motion a scandalous series of … Read More


There’s no fooling Mark Wahlberg, a NYC detective — and concerned boyfriend — in the upcoming “Broken City.”

The film from Albert Hughes (“The Book of Eli”) follows Wahlberg’s Billy Taggart as he attempts to redeem his scandalous past. New York City’s mayor (Russell Crowe) offers the ex-cop $ 50,000 to unearth his wife’s infidelities. However, when the mayor’s true intentions are revealed, Taggart realizes that the path to salvation is not so simple.

Check out the newly released clip above. Starring Wahlberg, Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jeffrey Wright, and Barry Pepper, “Broken City” hits theaters Janurary 18.

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