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Brooke Mueller, who’s currently in rehab, is telling friends she doesn’t want to end up like late singer Amy Winehouse, radio detection and rangingOnline.com has exclusively learned.

As we’ve previously reported, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife entered an undisclosed treatment facility in the U.S. last week after having another relapse.

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At first, Brooke had planned on going to Mexico to be treated at a clinic in Cancun that would have given her ibogaine, a controversial drug that is illegal in the United States, that is supposed to stop cravings for drugs. Ibogaine has very dangerous side effects, and can alter a person’s personality dramatically after taking it. Brooke realized that taking the ibogaine would do more harm than good, and ultimately, needs to do very hard work to become and stay sober.

Amy Winehouse’s tragic death has “rocked Brooke to her core. Brooke didn’t know Amy, but she relates to her addiction with drugs. Brooke doesn’t want to die, and she realizes that if she continues to use drugs, she will. Brooke has been telling friends that she doesn’t want to end up like Amy. Brooke is the most amazing person, with this horrible disease,” the source says.

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Brooke, the mother of Charlie Sheen’s twin sons, Bob and Max, “doesn’t want them to be raised without a mother. Brooke is wracked with guilt that her addiction is ruling her life and taking away from the boys,” the insider says.

Mueller is being told by her treatment team, “that she needs to stay in rehab for at least the next three months. She is still resisting that recommendation, but her team is hoping she will recognize this is what she needs to do,” the source says.


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