One of the most popular billionaires, Ron Burkle, recently denied the rumors that the negotiations between Walt Disney Co. and them are on the rocks. The Weinstein brothers along with their potential partners are trying to buy Miramax Films division from the said company.

In a recent statement sent out by the bidders, they said that Ron Burkle, the Weinstein Co., and the Weinstein brothers are still trying to work out a great deal so that they can buy and operate Disney’s Miramax.

There are still slow discussions regarding the matter. One of the main reasons is the issue with the Weinstein brothers being the managers of the company. This came from an insider who requested anonymity since they are not allowed to tell details about the deal in public.

Earlier this week, there were reports from the Los Angeles Times that the talks between the companies about the purchasing of Miramax failed.

Since mid part of April, Burkle and Disney were trying to negotiate exclusively. The 57-year old billionaire was trying to entice Disney to sell Miramax at $625 million. They were hoping that the success or failure of the deal will be announced at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival.

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