It looks like Munsters child star Butch Patrick is a graduate of the John Mayer/Jesse James School of Chilvary and Fidelity. What began as an enduring tale about love conquering all has turned into a soap opera drama for the ’60s kid actor, who stands accused of cheating on the childhood fan who later became his fiancee.

Former NFL cheerleader Donna McCall fell head over fangs for TV’s Eddie Wolfgang Munster during a chance meeting at Pennsylvania’s DraculaCon vampire convention last May. Ironically, the two had been penpals more than 40 years ago — when Donna was just a little girl obsessed with the young actor — but eventually lost touch. After a whirlwind romance, the two rekindled their love. Butch even moved closer to McCall’s home outside Phildelphia to be closer to his new girlfriend.

As it turns out, Butch is a guy with lots of girlfriends. Oh yeah, don’t let the wrinkles fool ya.

And that’s where this love affair started down the slippery slope towards a nightmare ending. Donna, 55, has called off the wedding and kicked Butch to the curb after learning that the 56-year-old has been secretly harboring a harem of middle-aged hunnies all over the US.

“Butch and I are done, finished, and I never want to see him again!” Donna, a retired pharmacist, cried in a chat with The National Enquirer this week. “I had a crush on him since I was a little girl and I believed we were soul mates, but I learned the hard way. He’s a real-life monster.”

Halloween is a busy season for Patrick, who remains a popular attraction at local horror conventions. The lucrative appearances provided the perfect cover for his infidelity, says a friend who has been nursing Donna through the breakup.

“Suspecting he was up to no good, Donna went through his e-mails — and to her horror, she realized he’d been e-mailing old girlfriends all along and setting up trysts. He still had girlfriends all over the country!” according to the astonished pal. “She waited all these years to find true love and Butch was screwing around behind her back.”

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