Cameron Douglas who has been sentenced to five years imprisonment has been moved to a minimum security prison in Lewisburg. This was in consideration of Cameron’s request to the judge and his promise that he plan to live sober and would not be touching drugs again in his life.

The 31 year old Cameron, son of actor Michael Douglas, was a former deejay and an upcoming actor. He was arrested on last July after a federal drug sting found him to be a drug addict. He was housed in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan from august and was sentenced to five years imprisonment on April 20.

Cameron is now being transferred to a minimum security prison where he is expected to work along with the other inmates.

He would have to do jobs such as plumbing, landscaping, electrical work etc for which he would be paid 12 cents to 46 cents per hour. In prison he would live in a dormitory like barracks and would have to share space. The judge while passing on his verdict commented that this was Cameroon’s last chance and if he repeat the same thing, then he would have to suffer a lot.

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