According to officials Charlie Sheen is unlucky with his cars. We know that four months ago his car was stolen. And now his new car – a Mercedes sedan – was hijacked. Unfortunately it was pushed off a cliff near Hollywood and was found on Tuesday morning.

Peter Benesch, Battalion Chief of Los Angeles Fire Department, informs that the star didn’t know that his vehicle was missing. It is hard to say but still there are assumptions that it was stolen. There is no doubt that the car was pushed down the hill. The rescuers found keys in it.

Erik Scott, the spokesman of LAFD, told reporters that someone called the fire department at 3:13 a.m. and reported that he was an eyewitness of an incident: the vehicle fell down the cliff. A little bit later this phone call was confirmed by the second call informing about an automobile accident.

The 44-year-old Charlie Sheen, famous for his role in the “Two and a Half Men Star” met investigators at home. He was told that nobody got injured in that car accident.

As we mentioned earlier, the same story happened to Charlie Sheen in February when he left his truck keys inside the car. At that time he found out that the vehicle was missing and reported about it to the police. His car was found near Sheen’s home in a ravine. It was lying upside down.
Police does not have any suspects in both cases.

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