This small article is about dating, pairing and building new relations! 31-year-old Rachel McAdams, who looks so gorgeous and 30 year-old Channing Tatum who seems to be the same sexy and attractive decided to be together and started dating in August.

This all happened on shooting The Vow movie which can be reasonably called an uplifting and heartbreakingtrue story.

This film is a brilliant adaptation of the book with the same title written by Krickitt and Kim Carpenter which can be called a real-life saga. The plot begins extremely dynamically.

A rapidly moving truck all of a sudden hits the couple. As a result, Krickett lapses into a coma. Fortunately she manages to wake but soon realizes that she has lost all her memory about her husband Kim. So the couple has nothing to do but to try to start their relationship from the very beginning.

A new film of Ron Howard is being shot at the moment by Channing Tatum in Chicago. It is called Cheaters. The audience will be able to see such great actors there as Winona Ryder, Jennifer Connelly and Vince Vaughn. Next month Rachel McAdams is planning to start shooting Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen’s film.

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