They’ve already nabbed Ashton Kutcher, but are producers of CBS’ Two and a Half Men planning the ultimate “Eff You” to Charlie Sheen by killing off his onscreen alter ego?

Sheen was finally dismissed from his duties as TV’s hedonistic jingle writer Charlie Harper last March, after a bitterly public war of words erupted between the notorious drunkard and CBS and Warner Bros. producers. According to loose-lipped Tinseltown informant Janet Charlton, Charlie will perish in “a spectacular car crash when his Mercedes flies off a cliff near his Malibu home.” Ashton’ll then enter the series playing the buyer of Charlie’s home, who allows Alan (Jon Cryer) and his son Jake (Angus T. Jones) to continue living there, presumably for more wacky shenanigans.

Janet writes: “After Charlie’s funeral, his beach house will be put up for sale. Ashton Kutcher will enter the show’s plot line by buying the home. He’ll take pity on Charlie’s broke brother Alan, played by Jon Cryer, and his son Jake, and let them continue to live there…”

This rumored car crash storyline sounds even less humorous than Men’s usual plotlines, so it’ll almost certainly turn out to be fake. Can you really imagine a light-hearted sitcom dispatching one of its characters in such a brutal fashion? It’s more likely Charlie will be written off because he decides to go study jungle babies in the Amazon or something silly like that.


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