Cher greatly respects Christina Aguilera, her “Burlesque” co-star.

It was Tweeted by 64-year-old Cher on Tuesday night that Christina deserved a great deal of her love and her respect though she didn’t know the young star before. She added that she really wanted to be of help to Aguilera and sincerely hoped that she was. reported before that Christina and Cher shot a film under the title “Burlesque” which is due in November. The movie tells the story about a girl (Xtina) from a small town, who comes to Los Angeles and appears involved in a real drama at a burlesque club. This club is supervised by a former burlesque dancer (Cher).

Some other co-stars were praised by Cher such as Kristen Bell, Julianne Hough, “Dancing with the Stars” cutie, Eric Dane, “Grey’s Anatomy” star.

Cher says about Kristen, Christina’s rival Nikki in the film, that the actress in smoking. According to her, Julianne possesses a great sensitivity. Cher has been proud to know Eric since he was a teenager.

Cam Gigandet and Peter Gallagher, who also were part of the cast, received some comments from the superstar.

Cher confessed that the project was rather complicated.

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