Gamugate Hits The UK! Singer Cheryl Cole is reportedly receiving death threats after she axed an African-born singer from the television show The X Factor.

The threats have come on the heels of the elimination of 18-year-old singer Gamu Nhengu, who was cut from the ITV show last weekend despite becoming a huge hit with fans. Cole was advised to choose Treyc Cohen over Gamu as her “wildcard” in the upcoming X Factor finals.

Now Nhengu has been told that she must leave her modest home in Scotland and return to her homeland of Zimbabwe after her mother’s visa application was turned down. An anonymous phone message was made by someone who is upset with the ouster of Nhengu. The caller said that Cole will be “punched until she bleeds.”

The message also claimed she made the “biggest mistake” of her life by axing Nhengu. Another threatening message warns Cheryl that: “Every1 has a bullet for you.”

Cheryl’s even being rattled in written death threats. One signed by alias Supa Capone includes hate sentences like “You are a hater. You can’t sing to save your life. So to make urself happy you want to get rid off all the good singers you know will make you look shit. Nobody wants to buy ur album.”

Some X Factor fans believe Cole, 28, as urged to axe Gamu because she faces a battle to have her two-year visa renewed. Series producers deny that claim.

“Producers were aware that Gamu’s visa was due for renewal,” said an ITV spokesperson. “The reason for Gamu not going through to the final 12 has nothing to do with her visa being processed. The judges and their chosen helpers make the decision on which contestants they want to put through.”

Britain’s Scotland Yard Police is investigating the death threats.

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