Hey Mattel, where’s Christina Hendricks and what have you done with her waistline?

You know you’ve made it when someone makes a plastic doll version of you. But does it count when your Barbie lookalike looks nothing like you?

Ask curvalicious actress Christina Hendricks — the popular star has been reduced to flat-chested Barbie.

Earlier this month, Mattel released a collection of dolls modeled after the characters of the Emmy-nominated AMC drama Mad Men. The voluptuous Christina plays Joan Holloway on the series and is as known for her stunning figure as she is for her acting talent. However, when it came to mimicking Xtina’s voluptuous parts, it looks like the toy manufacturers at Mattel just grabbed a Barbie mold and upped the cup size by a millimeter or two.

A size 14 in real life, Christina’s Barbie equivalent couldn’t be more than a 4. Where are her hips? And what about her famous bustline? We want chi-chis!

The sneaky slimdown sends a terrible message to young girls and women, experts told The Daily Mail this week.

“There is no reason a size 14 can’t be healthy and attractive, so it’s sad and alarming that toy manufacturers can’t represent this,” says dietician Sion Porter. “When young girls aspire to look like magazine photographs, or in this case toys, they are trying to achieve the impossible because the images have been heavily airbrushed.”

According to a rep for Mattel, the doll’s proportions are not supposed to represent Christina’s real-life curves.

Wait — huh?

“The Mad Men dolls are styled to capture the aesthetics of the show,” the spokesman remarked in a statement.

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