Their relationship on screen is as volatile as they get but Homeland star Mandy Patinkin says that doesn’t stop him from loving Claire Danes like a daughter.

“When you’re with somebody for 15 hours a day for three years, you get connected, and it’s there forever,” Patinkin told the Chicago Sun-Times’ Sunday magazine, SPLASH.

“There’s a part of me that loves being with her because I don’t have a daughter. I love the pretend-ness of having a daughter.

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“We’re good friends. If you walked in the room, it’s not Saul and Carrie having a cup of coffee. It’s Claire [talking about] her baby and hearing stories about her family, my wife and I boring her and her husband with our past as parents, our journey as a married couple in show business,” the Tony, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winner said.

He and Kathryn Grody wed in 1980 and have two kids.

“I picked the right person,” he laughed.

Homeland airs Sunday on Showtime.

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