He has a boyyy! It was proudly announced by Cristiano Ronaldo, incredibly popular soccer star, that he became the happiest new papa in the world.

The Team Portugal player left a message on his Facebook personal page, that he was informing everyone with great emotions and joy that he had recently become Daddy to a newly-born boy.

Though the public is not aware of the identity of the kid’s mother which is still kept in secret, 25-year-old Ronaldo is craving for bringing the child up on his own. We know that the star once had love relations Kim Kardashian and conquered the hearts of more than 6.5 million fans on Facebook, social networking site.
The soccer player writes that it has been agreed with the kid’s mother who claims to preserve her identity in secret that their son will be given to Ronaldo under his exclusive guardianship.

As Gestifute spokesman comments, all this information is absolutely correct, however, they don’t want to give away any further details.
According to him, everything what the football star wanted to say to the public has already been written on his Facebook page. So, no more information was revealed.

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