Anne Hathaway reportedly walked out of her birthday dinner with her parents and beau, Adam Shulman at restaurant Tocqueville on East 15th Street, Friday when their conversation took a turn for the worse.

“It sort of came on pretty suddenly. Everyone got pretty quiet. She left crying, and then her boyfriend followed her, but her parents remained,” the New York Post quoted an onlooker as saying.

“She told the server, ”We just need a few minutes,” and then she walked out and didn”t return,” another witness said.

A third witness said, “Her father said, ”Let”s not talk about it tonight; it”s her birthday.” ”

A rep for Hathaway, who turned 28, acknowledged she was at Tocqueville but said the drama “never happened . . . The only time Anne left the table was to take a phone call. She did not leave the table upset.”

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