‘Road Trip’ star D.J. Qualls, who currently stars as a police officer on the TNT series ‘Memphis Beat,’ tweeted on Saturday morning that he was beaten by police in Vancouver, Canada “for no reason.” The actor claimed he witnessed a fight and tried to identify the attacker to police, who then tackled and cuffed him. “Just got out of the ER,” he tweeted, adding he got stitches after a police officer “busted his face.”

A rep for the Vancouver Police Department told TMZ they were “not aware of the incident” or who Mr. Qualls, who starred in ‘The New Guy’ and ‘Hustle & Flow,’ was.

Qualls is apparently taking it all with a sense of humor: “picked up 600 followers in an hour,” he wrote on Twitter. “Who knew police brutality was so hot right now?” He thanked his fans and added, “I’ll get over it. have a hospital bracelet and cool new scar.”

Hours before the incident, the actor tweeted that he was drinking alone in his hotel room and was planning to celebrate hitting 10,000 followers with “a vile but seriously funny tweet I can’t get out of my head.” Despite the alleged attack, he still plans on following through:

“I feel less bad,” he wrote to fans. “Thanks! Im [sic] almost inclined to unleash the most vile tweet ever, but its still got to wait awhile. It is AWESOME, tho!”

Qualls is currently on location in Vancouver to film an episode of the CW series ‘Supernatural,’ according to his Twitter.

[via Twitter and TMZ]

photo courtesy of TNT

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